Our first Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI), which occurred on May 23, 2017, showed that we didn't have much to inspect, because most items were not installed/not completed/missing. Nevertheless, we received a copy of the Certificate of Completion and Possession and a short PDI Form that mostly contained the following keywords:

  • To be completed: 3 occurrences;
  • Not complete: 26 occurrences;
  • To be installed: 5 occurrences;
  • Missing: 11 occurrences; and
  • House not clean: 1 occurrence.

On June 9, we had another PDI (10 missing and not complete items) and an independent inspection (cost us $372.90), which revealed many defects and issues, but not all. Some defects slipped away not only from our attention, but also the attention of professional Home Builder, city, and independent inspectors, for instance, easy penetration of strong wind-blowing rain through external windows and walls.

Who could have predicted the collapse of the shelves in the main closet on the third floor after three months of use? Who could have predicted that the gravel walkway made before the city inspection will be destroyed in a few days right before we moved in? Who could have predicted the appearance of mold in the basement, second, and third floors?

A noticeably bulging external wall is now decorated by siding, the actively leaking north facing wall that absorbed a lot of rain water is now also covered by siding and other decoration elements—construction defect gradually get hidden to cause problems that will likely develop several years later. If shelves collapsed yesterday, what will collapse tomorrow?

California Civil Code states, "(1) A door shall not allow unintended water to pass beyond, around, or through the door or its designed or actual moisture barriers, if any." and "(2) Windows, patio doors, deck doors, and their systems shall not allow water to pass beyond, around, or through the window, patio door, or deck door or its designed or actual moisture barriers, including, without limitation, internal barriers within the systems themselves." Are building codes different in Canada? Why did door hoods become optional elements in our community?

The duct cleaning company warned us that the bottom part of our furnace is not secured properly. They secured the furnace temporary and recommended us to report this to Home Builder ASAP. We notified Home Builder of this problem on July 24, however the company have taken no action so far.

Can dealing with problems involving inadequate design, construction defects, and warranty issues be avoided? Is it not what we expected from an award-winning home builder.

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