Abused by Home Builder

Like many other residents of the Northview Community, my wife and I are being abused by Home Builder Homes, an industry-leading home builder with homes for sale in Canada and the United States, as Home Builder calls itself. We are being abused by Homebuilder of the Year, Best Customer Experience, Top 25% in Customer Service, Community/Project of the Year, Energy Star New Home Builder of the Year, Best New Home Design, Builder of Excellence, Best Companies to Work For, and Business of the Year.

We are being abused by the best!

In 2014, my wife and I felt pressured to buy a townhouse from Home Builder. Because this was the most important purchase we made in our lives, we spent tremendous amount of time and money to make sure we got the home that we needed. Initially, everything was fine. Even though the closing date was postponed a few times, we were happily living in a rental condominium unit downtown Toronto, patiently waiting, and only worrying about possible mortgage rate hikes.

Then in April 2017 we suddenly entered a zone of turbulent air:

  • After the Customer Care Coordinator, GTA Division assured us that "The occupancy date for your home in Northview Park is, April 13, 2017. There is no indication that this date will not be met, " Home Builder changed the occupancy date seven times between April 13 and June 15, within 64 calendar days;
  • Right after the city signed off on a certificate of completion, Home Builder and the rain that followed completely destroyed a gravel walkway in front of our unit. which (to our surprise and shock) forced us to move in through the garage one level below. This not only added 60 feet of distance and tight stairs, but also caused tremendous stress and significantly increased the amount of money that we had to pay to movers (my sincere thanks to Jia Jia International movers for doing fantastic job);
  • During heavy rain on July 6, because of incomplete facade works, water came through the wall and damaged our newly installed expensive Hunter Douglas blinds.
  • On July 7, upon arrival for delivery, the driver and his associate refused to load a refrigerator into our unit, because of safety concerns, and demanded a ramp. Despite my request for assistance, Home Builder failed to provide any help, and the fridge wasn't delivered;
  • Also in July, we realized that a large rat lives under our porch, enjoying the garbage that construction workers left behind (garbage deserves a separate story);
  • Between July and September, be didn't have quality sleep, because of the noise produced by the A/C installed right above the master bedroom without sound insulation of any kind. Despite the help of Tarion, Home Builder failed to neither move the A/C away from master bedroom nor insulate it.

Latest news

Fighting for the Quality Sleep

Even the help of a Warranty Service Representative from Tarion Warranty Corporation wasn't enough to make Home Builder move the roof A/C from the north terrace above the master bedroom to the south terrace. They even failed to reduce noise by insulating it. The company likely hopes that the coming cold weather will make the problem irrelevant.


Seeking the Protection from Wind and Rain

Home Builder representatives claim that we signed off on the Elevation B option instead of the original Elevation A option (or vice versa), thus opting the unit out from weather protection. The new Elevation does not include door hoods and other weather protection elements, because architects consider them as optional decoration elements. Some units have them; others don't. The Customer Care Manager recommended my wife to discuss this problem with our lawyer.


Preventing the Mould from Reappearing.

Mold growth in our unit can lead to health problems as we inhale its reproductive spores. First, We need to make sure that we haven't signed off on anything that causes the relative humidity (RH) to deviate from the recommended level for Canada (30-40% in winter and up to 50-55% in summer). Next, we need to investigate what caused the RH increase in the basement that led to the appearance of mould.

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