A/C Noise

  • Type: Abuse Case
  • Caused by: Design mistake
  • Description: Excessive noise caused by air conditioner sound and vibration
  • Effect: Health hazard
  • Reason(s): Increased stress caused by lack of sleep
  • Areal extent of damage zone: : Master bedroom
  • Intensity of impact at a point: High
  • Duration of impact at a point: Long

Abused by Design (and Construction)

Our townhouse has two terraces: one above the master bedroom with a beautiful view of the Northview Park; another above the en-suite bathroom with a mediocre view. Home Builder installed the A/C without insulation on the former. In addition, our neighbors' air conditioners are also located on the same side close to our unit, which can too contribute to the overall noise we hear every night.

We were lacking sleep and reported this issue in July. After nothing was done, we asked Tarion to help us get quality sleep back. In August, an associate from an HVAC company came to our unit, inspected the situation, but did nothing.

Finally, on September 22, after Tarion sent them another reminder, two Home Builder associates came to our unit and put the A/C on four small pads.

As you can see on the picture, the A/C has been gradually sliding off the pads and will fall on the floor soon. In addition, the pads haven't noticeably reduced the A/C vibration and noise.

Home Builder's Perspective.

Although the best solution would be to move the A/C away from the terrace above our master bedroom to another terrace, Home Builder chose to demonstrate activity instead of effectively addressing the problem.

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