Weather Protection

  • Type: Abuse Case
  • Caused by: Design mistakes
  • Description: No transition space between the street and the living room
  • Effect: Health hazard | economic hazard
  • Reason(s): Risk of illness and property damage
  • Areal extent of damage zone: : The main floor
  • Intensity of impact at a point: High
  • Duration of impact at a point: Short

Abuse by Design

Some people, including me, believe that houses protect their inhabitants and contents from heat, cold, rain, wild animals, burglars, and other trespassers. Others, including Home Builder, believe that protection from unfavourable and extreme weather conditions is optional. For example, some homes in the Northview community received door hoods, while others do not, which clearly indicates that architects used them as optional decoration elements, not as mandatory protection elements.

Our unit not only faces north: It also faces a large and windy open area of Northview Park. When somebody opens the front door (or the door is forced open by strong wind if not locked by the key), there is no transition space between the outside and the living room. The amount of wind and water we get inside the unit is directly proportional to the speed of the wind. It is uncomfortable now, but it will become a real health hazard in winter.

We have the right to live in a livable house. I don't want people in the living room to get sick when I open the front door during winter months. On the other hand, I don't want to get sick myself when somebody else opens the front door.

Home Builder's Perspective.

This is what Home Builder representatives say:

  • I have found that your home does not receive an overhang for above the front door. Some homes in the Northview community receive them while some do not. It is part of the architectural plan for the subdivision.
  • Unfortunately I can only rectify issues that are in accordance with the specs and the Agreement of Purchase and Sale for your particular home. If you would like to escalate this issue further you can contact the Customer Care Manager
  • Speak with your lawyer
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